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GLOBAL CREAM WRINKLES: double smoothing strategy

with visible benefits in wrinkle correction: relaxes and softens

the facial expression; regenerates and reduces the volume

and length of the wrinkles. Three textures available: SOFT

for normal skin, RICH specifically for dry skin and SUPREME

extra nourishment for very dry skin.

Double care for the eye contour designed to work against the different visible signs of ageing day & night. During the day, the emulsion keeps the skin hydrated and protected from micro-tensions and light reflecting pigments revitalize the eye contour area making appear more rested. The night mask erases bags, minimizes puffiness through improved circulation.


During the day, apply Day Emulsion Lines/wrinkles with gentle circular movements on the eye contour. During the night, before going to bed, apply a fine transparent layer of the Night Mask on the eye contour and leave on during the whole night.

Timexpert Rides Global Rich Cream & TX Rides Eye Cream Day & Night

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